Thursday, February 28, 2013

Hello & Welcome


Mac n Cheese,Corn,Fried Chicken and Mashed Potatoes (Summer 2009)
Welcome to Theedee's cuisine, thank you for taking your time out to check out my blog. I started this blog after some friends of mine tried some of my dishes and recipes and enjoyed it. Some people kept asking on Facebook if I had a blog so I figured,it wouldn't hurt to give it a try. I'm NOT a chef, I just enjoy cooking and also coming from a family that loves food and cooking. I guess it was only natural that I enjoyed cooking as well. I hope you find some of my favorite dishes easy to understand and also to make. I added some pictures of dishes I have cooked at home for our breakfast, lunch, dinner and also for a couple of special friends. Pardon the quality of some of these pictures. :-) If you see any dish and would like a recipe, just let me know via email. Ps: The best way to become a GOOD cook is to tweak the recipe with your best judgement. :-)
Curry shrimp,salad,scones,meat pie,grilled chicken,fried rice,jollof,corn and mac n cheese. I didn't make the cake unfortunately. lol
French toast,scrambled veggie eggs, turkey and pork bacon,fruits,hotdogs & pancakes (Summer, 2007)

Waakye,Jollof,Potato salad,Beef sauce,Turkey(made by my aunt),Lo mein,African salad (Thanksgiving,2012 .Part 1)
Corn,Garlic bread,Cranberry sauce,Fried & Grilled fish,Banku,Beef sauce,Coleslaw,Shito (Thanksgiving,2012. Part 2) 

Chicken wings,Beef Skewers,Corn and Shrimp (Summer 2011)

Ot),Kelewele,African salad,Jollof,Lo mein,Tsofi,Grilled chicken and Biscuits (Mom's birthday 2012)

Fried rice, jollof,grilled chicken with khebab powder,kelewele,meat pie and cupcakes with strawberry frosting(Summer 2011)
Fried yam,fried plantain,tsofi(turkey tail)with khebab powder,shito,red pepper and sardine(Summer,2012)

Rice n peas,curry goat,steamed veggies and fried plantain(Summer 2012)